Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Almost My Birthday

It's almost my birthday and I just want to say... I made it through another year!  It's a complete miracle!  I have been  on a complete roller coaster with my health problems, hospital stays, medication issues, doctor visits, and some other crazy stuff that I'm not quite ready to talk about on here.  My body is so tired and my muscles are so tense.  It's either from med side-effects or stress.... or maybe both, who knows.  But anyway, I made it...  I really made it!  I'm very blessed to be with my family and to have all of my friends.  Everyone has been there for me through all of it!  Thank you guys, I love you all so more than you will ever know!  Another thing I want to quickly mention is the fact that I have a few fundraising campaigns going for some non-profit organizations, and it's really cool because they suggested that I "donate my birthday to charity", and that's what I've done.  So anybody that would like to donate please let me know.  Your donations DO NOT GO TO ME, they go directly to the cause.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Even if it's just $5 or even $1!!!  A little goes a long way!  Since I went through such hell, I realized I want to help people more, and I want to make a difference in the world, even if it's just a tiny little difference, it's better than nothing!  I've been doing searches on Bing which allows me to earn points, and then I donate my points to .  Charity Impact gives you the opportunity to use your points for a variety of charitable acts such as planting a tree, providing clean water, or bottle feeding a kitten.  It's a really awesome website, and I'm so happy that I found it!  I also raise points on which is also really cool.  You can do things like sign petitions and comment on the blog posts in order to earn points, and then you redeem the points for charitable deeds just like Charity Impact.  I usually use my  points to provide clean water to those in need, because clean water is obviously extremely important for survival.  I have a Google page where I plan on talking more about finding free and easy ways to provide clean water, and teaching people how to do it, and I'm hoping some of you will decide to join me.  Please follow my page - Let's Give Water!  Okay, I'm glad I FINALLY got to explain what I've been up to on here because I'm sure some of you have been wondering.  OH!!!! I'm also sponsoring a little girl in the Phillippines, but I'm going to share more about that in the next few days, so stay tuned!  Much love to all of you! -Cara xoxo